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Roots and Wings

Our Family Legacy


Palkovic /  Vavra

Wurth /  Stäckler

Our grandparents immigrated to Schenectady, NY in 1907, 1911 and 1923.

Thomas Palkovic (1907) and Josephine Vavra (1911) came separately from Kuty, Slovakia.  They were married in 1913 in Schenectady.  A few years later, they bought a house on Webster Street in the Mont Pleasant neighborhood, where they spent their whole life, raised their seven children, and enjoyed their grandchildren.

Gustav Wurth was born in Hemsbach, Germany and Barbara Stäckler was born in Neider-Leibersbach, Germany.  They were married in 1916 in Hemsbach and immigrated with their two young daughters in 1923.  A few years later, they built a house on Roosevelt Avenue in the Woodlawn neighborhood, where they spent their whole life,  raised their children and enjoyed their grandchildren.

The stories of these four and their brothers and sisters are courageous and adventurous, filled with the joys and struggles of their own generation.  Their children's stories are equally interesting and varied.  

Written by their granddaughter,
Barbara J. Whitaker, neé Palkovic.

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